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Welcome to the official drum lessons .net website. On this page you will find links to drum lessons designed to enlighten and challenge drummers of all skill levels. It doesn’t matter if you are a complete beginner (with no sense of time at all), or a long-time pro looking Jasa Roll Plat medan for new beats and fills. These drum lessons will show you how to play the drums with more confidence!

You can get started by selecting drum lessons from the list below. They are organized by difficulty, so you can easily find material that suits your needs. Beginners should definitely start in the “beginner” section, but intermediate and advanced may prefer to jump around and try a little of everything.Fundamental LessonsDrum Lessons for Complete Beginners Learn To Play Drums (Starter Guide)How to ReadDrum Lesson Sheet MusicUnderstanding Time and Basic CountingJared Falks Rock Drumming System ReviewBeginnerLessonsHow To Play The Drums (first lesson)Beginner Drum Jasa Roll Plat Beats (simple variations)Beginner Drum Beats Two (more variations)Rock Drumming Beats (with eighth notes)Rock Drumming Beats Two (eighth notes)Rock Drumming Beats Three (eighth notes)Intermediate LessonsBass Drum Independence Jasa Roll Plat medan (sixteenth notes)Bass Drum Independence Two (sixteenth notes)Snare Drum Independence (sixteenth notes)Snare Drum Independence Two (sixteenth notes)Advanced LessonsAdvanced Rock Drum Beats (sixteenth notes)Advanced Rock Drum Beats Two (sixteenth notes)Live Drum LessonsSingle Paradiddle (Applied)Heavy Metal DrummingDrumming With A BandDrum Solos & Play-AlongsRock Drum Play-Along #1Rock Drumming Play-Along #limaJared Falk Drum Solo #2Single Stroke RudimentsDrum Roll RudimentsParadiddle RudimentsFlam Based RudimentsDrag Based Rudiments

Stay tuned as we will be adding additional online drum lessons to this laman soon. New material will include additional drumming styles, and will fit into the intermediate to advanced range of difficulty. Check back soon, and don’t forget to bookmark www.DrumLessons.net!

We also encourage you to visit other drum-related websites. You can find details on everything from how to play drums, drumming lessons, jazz drumming, latin drumming, bass drum speed, learn to play drums, moeller technique, learn how to play drums, drum play-alongs, drum lessons and more!

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Want to get started playing drums right away?Watch this simple step-by-step drum lessons video:

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